Thursday, May 31, 2007

WHY Kazakhstan?

Many people asked us why we selected the Kazakhstan as the country for our international adoption.

1. The children in baby homes are well taken care of, receive developmental stimulation and excellent medical supervision. Ratio of caregiver to child is 1:4.

2. Infants are available as young as 7 months.

3. Parents spend time bonding and getting to know their child before committing to adoption.

4. Our agency has relationships with 4 superb orphanages throughout KZ. We don't know which one will be assigned to us until we are invited to travel. Each region has been well established and staffed with a facilitator, a translator and a driver.

5. Kazakhstan is a melting pot of flavors and we very much look forward to the travel and experiencing the Kazakh culture!


johnson-kenney crew said...

You guys have really researched this option. This seems like a perfect fit. I look forward to learning more. Luv ya! Heather

mommie said...

On June 4, at the Grand Haven library, I made my first visit to a BLOG.
To see my kids and their adoption plans was exciting.