Sunday, December 9, 2007

Home at last!

It's been a little more than one week since we arrived home. Quinn has adjusted quite well and we are having a blast with him. He loves his new surroundings and each day we are greeted with bigger and bigger smiles. His food intake is enormous and he has a taste for everything, however new textures are a bit more challenging.

Here we are enjoying the fresh, botanic air and Christmas tree display of Fred Meijer Gardens in Grand Rapids.


Sandi said...

Yeah I am so happy you have updated your blog. Glad to hear all is going well for you. Looking forward to more cute photos of you guys.


Our Family of Bloggers said...

You two look great! So happy Quinn is settling in well. What does he think of Mae and Louie?

johnson-kenney crew said...
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mommie said...

Dear Quinn:
You left behind some buddies and the chicken pox in Kz but isn't it neat hanging out with your parents, Louie and Mae at home?
You will be the hero for numerous adventuresome stories about your beginning in Kz, the "food allergy" flight to the USA (congratulations on becoming a US citizen!)and settling into 2153 Omena.
By the way, we see some pretty awesome parenting skills directed towards you. The 3 of you are very blessed, as we all are.
Merry First Christmas
Tons of Love
Grandma Tootsie Rowe and Grandpa rowe

Anonymous said...

Kerry and Dan, thanks for sharing all of your pictures!!! Quin is so lucky to have you too as parents!!! Gaia is my favorite restaurant too!!!