Saturday, August 30, 2008

Summer fun!!

We have a lot of catching up to do. Summer has been so great, we haven't been inside much to update the blog. Here are several images to give you the flavors of August. Quinn plays in his shanty-town in the front yard.

It has been a summer of discovering all-things boy for Quinn. Cars, trucks, fire engines, tractors, motor cycles and anything large that makes noise is super-fantastic to emulate or even better, to explore. Here are several shots of the Grand Rapids Metro Cruise. "Vroom, vroom!"

"Mom, can I please climb up there?"

Friday night at the Metro Cruise.

Along with his interest in vehicles, Quinn loves shoes! He must have gotten that from Mom! In fact, shoes was one of his first words.

Quinn also likes dress up. Here he is in Mom's shirt. He has a constant smile and a great sense of humor.

Showcasing the seemingly permanent bump on his forehead.

Taking a break from climbing the rocks!

We visited several petting zoos this summe. Animals are a big hit with Quinn. Here we are befriending a championship sheep at the Michigan Fiber Festival.


joshua said...
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Brian and Patti said...
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mommie said...

Without a doubt, Quinn comes with a long and prestigious lineage of car men........all his grandpa's and uncles spent many hours under the hood tinkering and lovingly polishing their dream machines.
Quinn you and your parents look smashingly good this summer of 08.
Even the bump in your forehead shows at how hard you work at being The Mighty Quinn!
grandma and grandpa rowe

Our Family of Bloggers said...

I was missing seeing pictures of Quinn. Love the new pictures! You all look great!
Hugs from AZ :-)