Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Quinn is starting to walk

Our little Quinn is quite a funny kid. He has a great sense of humor and giggles constantly. As you can see, it is time for a much needed haircut. Our first attempt several weeks ago was not successful. Stay tuned for the next round of fun.

Quinn scoots along our wall of windows to observe the snow and woods. He is surprisingly cautious about standing and walking on his own. He is filled with a tremendous sense of accomplishment when he finds he's standing without support or take a few steps alone.


mommie said...

Dear Quinn:
Isn't the snow beautiful?
Are you sledding today?
We are going to hire a stylist to cut your hair the next time. Looking like Mo will not get you a Kazak girlfriend.
love grandma and grandpa rowe

Sandi said...

How wonderful that he is walking. What an accomplishment. He is growing up.

Follow my blog things are looking to change soon :)

Unknown said...

Quinn looks fantastic guys! We welcomed a new little guy into the family in December. Matthew David Boruta. He's nowhere near walking though, and certainly doesn't sleep through the night!!!
What's your mailing address?

codyd said...

i'm astonished!

he's amazing and we need to be in touch so i can get the back story on this member of your family.

harry has been walking as well, actually he loves swiffering.

we have a ton of new photos since dec... i'll get them online and share a link.

uh, throw that piece of art out! i'll send you new stuff.

be well.