Monday, February 18, 2008

The birthday rundown!

Quinn walks around the house with confidence. He is so happy to be up and mobile. There are more things to see! He breaks into a run and keeps it going all day long. This makes him very hungy and even though he isn't talking yet he has figured out that making chewing motions and sounds with him mouth signals that he wants food. Other times he breaks out into fun giggles.

So much has happened since we last wrote. Quinn ushered in his 1st birthday while bolting from room to room upright. Kerry went back to work part time and Quinn joined a wonderful day care. He already has buddies and seems to enjoy the recreation and social network. The snow has been falling non-stop as we dream of summers at the beach.

Quinn celebrates his 1st birthday at home with Dad's homemade carrot cake. He cautiously studied the cake before eating.

The three muskateers out on the town for a birthday dinner.

Quinn feeds mom some of his cake.

Dad tries to keep Quinn occupied while the cake is ordered.


Sandi said...

Happy Birthday Quinn. Wow 1 years old, I hope you enjoyed your day.

Looks like you guys are so happy.


Our Family of Bloggers said...

Happy 1st Birthday Quinn!!! Homemade carrot cake?!?! Dan- how come we never tasted that with all of those fabulous carrots over in Kaz?
Hugs and Kisses from AZ----

Regina said...

Happy Birthday Quinn!!! You handsome little heartbreaker. :-) I can't believe the little guy is walking. I'd walk a long way for homemade carrot cake!

On another note, on my next blog post I wanted to include a sampling of photos of some Kaz cuties who have recently come home.

Would you mind if I included a photo of Quinn from your blog? I didn't want to post it without your permission. Please let me know asap.

Regina Ruopoli

Sheri said...

Happy 1st Birthday Quinn! Look at you!! Walking!!
That is cool; now he can get into everything!! HA!
Tried calling a couple weeks ago for your e-mail
address. I have a cute picture of Quinn at FMG to
send you.

Chuck & Sheri

Susan said...

Happy Birthday Quinn!! :)
He is adorable and I would be in heaven with homemade carrot cake!

Hey..we were going to Astana too....and then we got an email that said as of yesterday, Astana is closed. :(
I was very sad, for us, because we were excited, but mostly, for all the children there that need mom's and dad's (and brothers, as my son added). So, our dossier was sent to Kostanai and we wait for our daughter there.

Kim said...

Happy Birthday Quinn! I love carrot cake!!! :) He is absolutely adorable!


mommie said...

We will always remember yur first birthday party Quinn.
Mom and Dad pulled out all stops and put on quite the spread, even stuffed cabbage rolls,vodka,fine finger foods,honey baked ham,gourmet godies were everywhere.
In spite of 80 inches of snow on the ground, the sun was shining, your guests were beaming and you were walking around to everyone and looking up at them.
They too pulled out all stops and gave you beautiful/fun gifts...2 rocking horses!!!!!
It was a rockin good time.
love grandma and grandpa rowe

Karen said...

Hello Dan, Kerry and Quinn! I'm Karen from a looooooooong time ago. I saw something here in Houston that made me think of Dan, and it prompted a Googlefest. I'm still not sure how I stumbled upon this blog, but what I found warmed my heart... and, btw, gave me a great place to practice my very rudimentary html skills! I'd love to catch up, if you have the time. Obviously what is/was a wonderful twosome has become a beautiful threesome. My best to you all!