Monday, March 31, 2008

Quinn gets excited for spring!

It's been a long time since the last post. Life has been busy just hanging out. After a relentless winter spring finally seems to be coming! We welcomed the rain today and look forward to exploring spring flowers.

We've spent some time walking around Fredrick Meijer Gardens and the outdoor sculpture park. Quinn can roam free and seems to notice all of the trees, bushes and sculpted works.

We love frogs!!

A typical day at home consists of running the halls and getting our dog Mae to play. Quinn's favorite toys include blocks and Duplos.

Lately, Quinn has not had much of an appetite. He's been teething and is on antibiotics again for the 5th time as we anxiously await tubes this week. His ears have been infected since our arrival home. We hope the surgery will clear his little ears.

Weeks past Quinn's birthdate, we were still celebrating with gifts and lunch outings. People watching is intriguing. This must be mixed with a little flirting of course.


Karen said...

Hello! I posted a reply to your comment... but I think I did it to my own blog (I'm an idiot). Quinn is adorable!!! Hooray for you all!!!
Here's my e-address to make this easier...

Susan said...

He is adorable! Great to see an update from you guys! Quinn gets cuter and cuter everyday!!!
I'm sorry to hear his ears are buggin him. I've had several friends who's kids needed tubes and they were great after that. :)

He is so cute!!!

Kjersten, Steve, Aitugan & Nurai said...

Hello to the three of you (and Mae of course),

It's great to see how well Quinn is doing (except for his poor ears!). Love his haircut. He looks so different with his hair down and trimmed. So different from the baby house! He has grown so much. We hope that his ear issues are finally resolved with the tubes.
Hugs to you all from Maine. : )
-Kjersten, Steve and Aitugan

Kaz Blog Reader said...

You will be so glad to get tubes!! We were and they made all the difference in the world!!!! We adopted from Astana thru CAI I think you did too. They tried to tell me there that everything was "normal" and then here too for a bit but after chronic ear infections for 10 mths someone finally listened and we have been happily ever after!! He is adorable! Gena Lloyd

Sheri Saylor said...

Quinn is certainly changing since
we've seen him last. Love the blog!
I keep up with it, so you keep it up!!

Chuck & Sheri Saylor