Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Warning! spam and/or viruses commenting on the blog!

Has anyone else experienced this?
How do you block it from happening?
It should be outlawed!!


mommie said...

Hi Quinn:
I am in Indianopolis, they have a children's museum here and maybe I can bring you here.....lots of interesting places to visit.
Maybe you have your tubes in and can start having fun outdoors.
Don't feed Mae too much.
grandma rowe

Susan said...

I have seen this on a lot of people's blogs--it's very bothersome! Plus, dummy me clicked on it and it freaked me out.

all i can say is maybe make your blog private and invite your friends and people who read-or also just make sure you check your blog and delete the comments.

so annoying.

Emily said...

Grandma Barb forwarded your current pics to me. How fun to see Quinn!
I got a flashing warning that your blog was unsafe when I was opening it(just so you know)!
We have 3 babies in our family (yours makes 4), that we love to watch grow and change. Our 3rd cousin, Moses (like the baby in the bullrushes), is adopted from a birthmom in prison. All these beautiful and loved children are on their exciting way to becoming creative and productive members of our diverse and culturally rich country. Wow!
Preacher Em