Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A beautiful day to run free!

Michigan has finally warmed up and has been in the mid 70's for 1 week. To celebrate Quinn visited his favorite Kazakh horse and then decided to cut 8 teeth all at once. It has been an interesting few days of fever, low appetite, crankiness and sleeplessness.


mommie said...

Thank goodness Quinn and parents can be outside.
I think Quinn recognizes da Vinci's horse as a Kazakstani hybrid and has visions of riding one bareback in the steppes.
He sure did a fantastic job of giving we adults a tour of his daycare facility. Looks like a cool place to hangout.
everytime we see Qinn, there is something wonderfully new about him.
grandma and grandpa rowe

Kjersten, Steve, Aitugan & Nurai said...

Hello all,
Thanks for the update. Quinn looks great. Isn't it WONDERFUL to have warmer weather?!?
So sorry to hear that Quinn has 8 teeth coming in at once. What a bummer.
Enjoy your sunhsine!
-Kjersten, Steve and Aitugan

Emily said...

Hi Momma and Papa West,
Enjoying all the Quinn updates. Quinn is on my bulletin board above my desk. So great that Barb and Karl are now Grandma and Grandpa pushing a stroller downtown GH. Love,the Jensens

Susan said...

That horse is COOL! wOW, it's huge.

Quinn is looking so big! I think kids look so much older when they get teeth.
8 teeth at once? Wow, Quinn is very advanced, isn't he?

He is precious. :)

Kelly and Sne said...

Just getting caught up on blogs.. and glad to hear that Quinn is thriving at home with you all. He certainly looks very happy and active in all the photos. What a cutie! Sorry to hear that he is getting so many teeth at once though! All the better to eat you with, my dear! (couldn't resist)

Jaimie, Gena and Berik said...

Great pics! I haven't visited in while and he is just getting so big quickly! We have been following you'll along since you were there as we used the same agency as you'll and adopted from Astana too. We got tubes for Berik and the results have been amazing and we have that same tractor toy and it is fun too! Gena Lloyd