Friday, May 30, 2008

We are loving it!

So many exciting things have happened this last month. Spring is giving way to summer and Quinn's hair is short to match the season. He is growing like a weed. Last week we sent our cousin, Nicole, off to take the MCAT. We know she did very well.

Quinn tries a tamale for the first time and requests more. So delicious. Thanks, Lupita!

In Dad's new office. Quinn would like one of these stools for home.

Also in Dad's new office. Lots of glass to run into.

More of Dad's new office. Look how clean it is!


mommie said...

Isn't spring wonderful!!!!!!!!
So glad you are seeing, touching, smelling and tasting everything.
I like you the pictures of you and Dad in his new office.
grandma rowe

Kjersten, Steve, Aitugan & Nurai said...

Quinn looks great. It is amazing how quickly they change and how independent they become. We hope you are all well. Take Care.

Our Family of Bloggers said...

I was just thinking of you guys and before I sent an email, I figured I'd check to see if you posted. Love the new pics of Quinn! He looks great. And Dan- the new office looks really nice.
We miss you guys!!!

Catalina said...

great to see the updates. Quinn is growing up so fast he is so beautiful :)