Friday, June 13, 2008

Summer is happenin'!

Did we mention Quinn loves spring rolls? While his eating habits have broadened in some areas they are pickier in others. He eats very well with a spoon and mashed potatoes or potatoes of any kind are a big draw. Watermelon is his absolute favorite. (The stroller comes in handy as a highchair).

Quinn is off and running! He runs forward and backwards and also in circles. Here he is accompanied by his Grandma and Uncle Adam.


mommie said...

The Mighty Quinn is hands down the Watermelon Champion of Western Michigan. We should buy a watermelon directly from the farmer so he can see first hand the delight and drool as Quinn munches away.
Quinn's social circle increases as he comes into contact with more friends and family. He looks intently at each person and appears to "register" who they are.
One of his favorite buddies is Adam and Alissa's dog Carmela who gets away with big licks on Quinn's smiling face.
Father's Day is coming up and we nominate Dan as the Best Dad!!!!
love grandma rowe

Our Family of Bloggers said...

How funny that Quinn likes spring rolls- I may have to try that w/ Rylie.
Glad Q is loving his stroller- our "Black Friday" internet purchases in Kaz!

Susan said...

He is adorable! Great to hear an update from you guys and happy to hear Quinn is enjoying the summer as a kid should!!!

We finally got that magic LOI and are headed out August 1st to Kostanai!!

Kelly and Sne said...

I can't believe how fast he is growing up! It looks like you are enjoying your Michigan Summer. We just returned from Kaz with our own boy, Miras, now 1 year old. Right now we are mostly feeling overwhelmed as most new parents are - but enjoying being home with our boy. P.S. I'm happy to see that one Kaz child likes watermelon. I was reading on others' blogs that 2 Kaz children plus our boy, Miras, don't like watermelon. I thought it might be a cultural thing!