Wednesday, October 10, 2007

All packed!

We are down to the final days before our departure and are feeling ready. The bags are packed with weight and size restrictions taken into consideration. This was quite a task! We finally purchased a car seat and figured out the diaper size numbering system. Kerry's mom is keeping us fed and under control. Louie the cat is going to hold down the fort by himself!
Astana is in a cold spell with a low in the 30's and high in the 40's. Next week it will be upper 50's!! yeah.


Susan said...

yay! I can't wait to follow your journey!!! Are ya'll planning on staying for the entire 8 weeks?

i can't wait to read. :)

my dossier should be on the way to the embassy next week. I had to redo some things and they're all apostilled at the fed ex sort facility right now, for delivery for me today. :)

thanks for sharing your journey!

Sandi said...

Good luck on your journey. I am excited to follow along. Looks like I am right behind you in the process, so while I wait I will contiune to read your blog.

I can not wait to hear about the adventures of travelling over to Astana and pictures when you meet your child.

Good luck..

johnson-kenney crew said...

I love you both. I'm praying for your safety as you embark on this wonderful journey. Take lots of pictures! I pray this process will be easy & without any snags. I pray for the beautiful child that will soon be part of our family, although already strong in our hearts. I'm excited to meet my new niece or nephew. I look forward to our next communication. I love you guys. Please be safe. - Heather

mommie said...

Dear Bold Traveling Children:
What stupendous preparations you both have made in 2007. Under sunny skies you left the GRR airport buzzing with friends unable to contain their excitement and good well wishes. Now as you enter new time zones and culture, know that we are so happy and proud of you making this life changing journey.
Like Gaga and Grandpa leaving Croatia years ago, you two are full of optimism and aspirations.
Have confidence in yourselves and count your blessings.
King Louie will watch over 2153 Omena and Mae will try to keep Zody from spilling his beans. The rest of us can't wait to hug the 3 of you.
mother barb and pops karl

Unknown said...

We are anxiously awaiting the next post...and your return with a new cousin.

mommie said...

Good Morning and/or Good Evening Kerry and Dan:
You are in our every thought as we go through the weekend.
Its almost noon Sunday(50 degrees/ drizzle) and Uncle Steve is with us in GH installing a Canon printercopierscanner!!!!!! Last night we thought we would visit the Frederick Meijer Gardens but the cool weather plus after we saw the Sunday Best Buy ads gave him a mission to carry out. Later this afternoon we 3 will join auntie and uncle for dinner. Uncle Steve brought up a huge amount of clothes, linens and toys generously donated by Karen, Kris, MaryRose and Rebecca which will go to the Pierport migrant camp......TJMAXX eat your heart out!!!!!
We love you
mother barb and pops karl

Our Family of Bloggers said...

Kerry & Dan-
We can't wait to meet you next week in Astana and share in the journey together!

Sara & Adam

Michelle said...

Dan & Kerry
We are thinking of you as you begin this day of great emotions, and sending our prayers your way.
We hope the Kazakh stomach is not to bad :) and you were able to sleep.
Brook & Michelle

Unknown said...

I am so excited for you! I can't wait to meet the new family member :)

mommie said...

Hi Kerry and Dan: 10/15/07
It's Monday afternoon and hopefully you are getting some sleep in your new digs and not having Montezuma's revenge.
During a soft drizzle, Sunday night at aunties cottage we had fun eating and discussing politics. There Uncle Steve set up Waldek's flat screen and on Google Earth showed us where you are and how auntie can get to your blog. (I was trying to find the Baby House but had no luck.)
We will be in Grand Haven all week and this Friday Oct. 19, plan to stop at Omena to check on things then go to the Grand Rapids ballet production of CanCan. Tell Henry Jasper to get ready for many years of music, theater, dance AND outdoor events.
We miss you.
love mother barb and pops karl

Schwallie said...


Keep thinking about you and saying to myself "They are in Astana now." "They are at the orphanage and have met their child." It's an amazing event! Can't wait for your first posting.

Love - Susan & Brian

Unknown said...

Hi Cousin Dan and Kerry,

This is your cousin Amy, hoping that all is going well for you and that you will have peace as you allow God to guide you to your baby. Trust that He has a plan in mind, and treasure in your hearts how blessed you are to be a part of this special mission! My prayer is that the Lord draws you all very close to Him through this process.

I can't wait to see pictures! (The one previously posted of the little girl with the dandelion rings looks just like the little girl my neighbors adopted several years ago-- Eden. They went over for one child and came home with two!) Hmmmm... now there's a thought. :)

carla said...

Hi Dan and Kerry, I posted on an older blog, oops. As I said there, all is well on the home front. Mitch's quiet time at your place is his favorite time of day. Louie is doing great! We are thinking of you daily. Love, The Groenenbooms

Allison said...

How exciting!! It truly will be the adventure of a life time. Best wishes. I look forward to following your amazing journey.

The Donohoes

mommie said...


mommie said...

Dear kerry and dan:
Its almost midnight Weds.
We just returned from a birthday party at Strums in GH.
Adam called that your apartment is sweet and you have been introduced to a baby!!!!!!!!
I called Ginny and Joe about this.
We await for further developments but are just happy that you have started to settle into your new place.
We love you.
mother barb and pops karl

arowe said...

hey guys,
I think that it is around dinner time on Friday in Astana. Just wondering what you are up to?

WE are thinking about you.


mommie said...

Dear Quinn and his Parents:
Friday night October 19, we stopped at your home, cleaned out Louie's box, played with him, then left for GR CanCan Ballet. One of the male principals makes us think this is how Quinn will look like when he grows up.
Adam called us this morning with the exciting news about the baby and your apartment. Maybe we could have a family reuion there!!!!!
We will be at the farm Oct. 22-31.
love mother barb and pops karl

mommie said...

Dear Three Amigoes:
Sat. morning Oct 20,While Adam was talking to Kerry and Dan in Astana, Alissa called at the same time from Louisiana to have me look at Quin's pics on the internet!!!!!! Unsure of who is more excited in the pics, Kerry, Dan or Quin, but the one of Quin sleeping has to be everyones dream.
We are so happy for you 3.
Life is good.
Take care.
mother barb and pops karl

Matthew Ruley said...

I just found your blog and I look forward to following your journey. Cant' wait to hear about your little one.

You have a wonderful support system here following your adventure. I see you are traveling with another family and I have their blog saved as a fav too.

Suzanne "Still waiting! dossier @ MoE 47 days now, but who's counting?"

Unknown said...

Hello...North America to there anybody out there?????

Stephen and Sofia.

Michelle said...

Hello fellow blog watchers. Last contact through email I had with Dan and Kerry, they were having internet connection issues in the apartment. Hopefully they will be able to post an update for us all soon. Thanks to Mother Barb and Pops Karl for sharing some info through the comments : )

Jeff R said...

Eight month old Quinn?

Outstanding. Congratulations!

Looking forward to meeting him.

mommie said...

Dear Quinn:
Are you ready to tackle all of your parents family and friends (Mae and Louie too) who are so excited and can't wait to see the 3 of you?
Kerry and Dan left two weeks ago. They are 10 time zones away and reside in a country that even Uncle Steve has not visited. Please tell your folks to bring back a yurt so we can set it up in the farm meadow. Pops Karl and I can't wait to hold your hand, push you on the ash tree swings, give you a ride in a wheelbarrow, go fishing with me, kayak, pick berries, see deer and turkeys, play with the migrants,swim in Lake Michigan,
ride a bike, read to you, learn from you how to cook Kazak, make struedel and palachinka, ride in the red pickup truck, cut a Christmas tree,pick dandelions, play "why and because", and have you meet your cousins, Kara, Carmella,Marcella,and everyone who is your teammate.
thank you for giving Kerry, Dan and all of us so much joy!!!
mother barb and pops karl