Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A study of teeth.
Quinn now has 4 top and 2 bottom teeth.
He is so strong and active. He is all BOY!!!
To mark Halloween in spooky KZ fashion, the atmosphere has been a soupy fog all day.
Happy Halloween to all of you ghosts and goblins (cheerleaders and prinesses)!
Thank you everyone for your blog notes and the traditional emails too. They have kept us going and are something we look forward to each day.


johnson-kenney crew said...

Happy Halloween Mr. Quinn!
You'll have to trick-or-treat in our neighborhood next year.
Your big guy cousins can't wait to meet you.
Aunt Heather

johnson-kenney crew said...

Good news!
Scott, Alec & Cameron said they would be happy to help you sort your Halloween candy next year.
Aunt Heather

aunty said...

walking the beach, a red fox ambled toward me looking for a dead fish. he had a hard time extracting it from the sand, but what a sight. anxious for a meeting between Kara and Quinn on the beach. two goblins: Mrs Doubtfire (Jay) and Ellie (female pirate) Uncle George is gouging on the leftover candy. love the haircut, Dan my lovebirds ZIVIO