Sunday, October 28, 2007

Today is Sunday and we were able to visit Quinn at the usual 10-12 slot!

  • Quinn is gearing up for his first Halloween.
  • His cow-rattle rarely leaves his hand.
  • When he is happily concentrating on accomplishing something very important he sticks out his tongue.


arowe said...

Kerry and DAn,
For every new picture of QT we see that he is getting happier and happier. He is looking more and more like a Rowest every day. His smile looks a bit like dan's. What is he going to be for Halloween?
Keep on sending pictures.
love you guys

Kim and Kevin Moran said...

Hi K+D+Q,
We are so happy for you. I love seeing all of you growing together. Plus I love to see Quin so smiley- he definately takes after you.
Take care and we will see you soon.
Have a Happy Halloween! Olivia is going to be a Rock Star and Sophia is going to be a princess!

Al said...

Congratulations! I am so happy for all 3 of you! Quinn is gorgeous and looks to be a very bright, inquisitive boy! You will love this new adventure. Enjoy every single minute.
Love to all 3 of you,
Kelly Wood

Klose2u said...

Gerald would say that Quinn is a Pochyla because he liked to stick his tounge out when concentrating as do I, Marah & Elliott.

love and hugs
Becky, Iny and crew