Friday, October 5, 2007

Astana the capital of Kazakhstan

We will be based in the capital city of Astana. We understand it is a new city with lots of construction projects.

One more week and we will be uploading our own photos of Astana!!


Sandi said...

Congratulations. I saw your blog listed on another blogger. I too am waiting for my LOI, I believe my documents are at the MOE so hopefully I will be travelling soon. I am excited to have another blog to follow, it definitely makes waiting a little bit easier.


Susan said...

Hi-I'm with CAI too! Sandi gave me your blog. :)

We live in Florida,and our dossier is being reviewed right now by Anna. We have to get her new copies or our marriage license, since the ones I got are from May and they are more than 4 months old (crazy) so, I Have to get those before our dossier can go the embassy.

I can't wait to travel along with you!! Congrats!! :)


Monica said...

So exciting! I just happened upon your blog from another Kaz family's page. Looking forward to following along with your journey. We hope to eventually follow your path to a Kaz cutie too but for now we're just researching and hoping to learn as much as possible.
Best wishes to you!!!