Friday, October 26, 2007

Today is Saturday and we can't visit Quinn because of a National Holiday. : (

Here are some photos from the past 2 weeks in Astana. Our apartment is the metallic goth sort of building built around 2002. The bridge over the river photo was taken from our apartment window. We are directly on the riverwalk with river front views of the Ishrim river. At night we see frequent fireworks in celebration of weddings. etc. The limos were parked at a Mosque, weddings here are a BIG deal. Please note the food images taken from our favorite tiny grocery/deli/bakery (8 x 8), we love the food here.


Sandi said...

Great pictures, it looks like you guys have a fabulous apartment and location. Sorry you were not able to see Quinn, the holiday has stopped everything even on our side. My coordinator was not able to reach anyone the last few days due to the holiday.

Ok so you love the food, your one of the first people I have read about really liking the food. That gives me hope as I have been very nervous about the food.

Looking forward to more updates and pictures of Quinn, he is adorable.

Sandi (another wtg CAI family)

Catalina said...

He is so beautiful, congratulations! I wish you all the best and hope you will enjoy your staying in Kazakhstan

marsrob said...

Your son-to-be is beautiful!!!!
Glad we found your blog so we can follow your amazing journey!
And, glad to hear you are enjoying the food - you are one of the first I have heard to say that! But, you are also in Astana - and I have heard amazing things about peoples' trips there.
We'll be traveling soon to Semey, Kaz. to meet our baby girl. Waiting for our LOI now. If you ever have time again to look at blogs, email me at and I'll send you an invite to ours.
Anyways, we'll be following you guys on this great blog - what an amazing experience you are having! He really is adorable!!!

Maegan and Tony Van Sant said...

Quinn is absolutely adorable! We are so happy for you guys! Tell Baheet and Gulsana that we say hi!

Hope to meet you guys when you get home and we will be following your blog!

Michelle said...

Hi Dan and Kerry
Great pictures today. We love the view from your apartment. I am sad you did not get to visit on Saturday. I bet they did not let you visit Sunday either :( but we hope so.
So where is your favorite grocery store? Mmmm fresh bread. We will check back in on you tomorrow.
There is a CAI playgroup meeting Sunday afternoon, we might go, depending on the weather. I will report back to you.
Take Care, Brook & Michelle