Thursday, November 1, 2007

Quinn and Kerry tumbled in the ultra hot playroom today. Quinn pulled sticker's from Kerry's nose. They also danced to a singing apple and looked at eachother in the mirror. Dan was a little under the weather and stayed home, clear of babies. It did not prevent him from keeping his hair appointment with Svetlana this afternoon. To celebrate his ultra-KZ hairstyle Dan and Kerry took a walk in the gorgeous sunshine.


MI cousins said...

Hi Kerry and Dan,
This has been so much fun to follow your adventure and we feel as if we know Quinn already. Please come home soon! Juliana used to ask us why we kissed her so much.I am sure you know the answer to that question by now!
Stay warm and healthy xoxo
Deb and Co.

aj said...

Way cool hair-doo Dan, you are sooooo ultra cool KZ spikey style! ;)

Are you guys the only people in KZ? It seems like there is rarely anyone else outdoors.... Mae took her medicine today - maybe Dan should too. Feel better soon - keep sending cute Quinn pics.

Have fun you guys!

xo - Amy, Stu, Zodi and Mae!

mommie said...
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mommie said...

Hi Quinn:
forgot to tell you that I noticed in the last week your cheeks are seem bigger are growing leaps and bounds since we first saw you.
What did you do Halloween night?
Have you met any other babies?
When will you get a new haircut like your dad's? Has Kerry taught you colors yet?
Do you have a tickle spot?
mother barb and pops karl