Sunday, November 18, 2007

This week has flown. We celebrated Dan's birthday quietly at home while we both recovered from our various ills. But we're back on track and have lots of photos to fill in the last several days. Eight familes participated in the 10-12 Saturday visitation! It must be a record. Two of the families are outbound next week and two new families arrived last week. We happen to be one of the outbound families next week!! Quinn is the oldest baby in the photo above, by about one month.
Quinn gets tired as the session comes to a close. His finger slipped in his mouth alerting us to switch from nursery rhymes to lullabies.

Quinn keeps close to Mom and Dad during the Saturday family frenzy. He was quiet and calm and didn't want to stray too far.

A previous day Quinn plays with a electronic drum. He loves music.

Here Quinn shows us he is thirsty for his baby formulated cold- "tea". He loves tea just like a true Kazakh.

Quinn and Dad both have much needed appointments with Svetlana for hair cuts.

11.15.07 Birthday family photo. No, we didn't plan the color coordination. Dan felt as green as his shirt. Kerry was on the verge of a sinus volcano.

We wanted to give you insight into our everyday experiences here. This is the main drag in Astana called Respubliki Street. It's a wide and busy road, lined with newer buildings including several shops, a few restaurants and little markets. It is about 1/2 mile walk from our apartment.

Respubliki looking the other way. The street shots were taken on Sunday, the day everyone shops for the week. The road traffic was lighter than usual. The snow is melting and it is mud season.

We toured the interior of the pyramid Sunday afternoon. Here we are at the top fending off giant attacking doves. Actually, the doves are applied to the glass symbolizing freedom and giving it a cathedral-like feel.


arowe said...

Dear QT,
Your grandparents, aunt and uncle and doggie cousin are here in louisiana looking at your wonderful pictures. you are getting bigger every time we see you and we can't wait to see you, hold you and play with you in person.
loved the color coordination in the Birthday picture.

miss you all tons

Sandi said...

Great blog and love the pictures. Glad to hear your leaving next week, your almost home. What a great thanksgiving you will have as you leave for almaty to process Quinn through the embassy.


MI cousins said...

Hi guys,
I vote for keeping Quinn's hair just as it is ! He is cute as a button! This journey is nearing an end and another will begin in West Michigan.We are counting the days to embrace our new cousin. Thanksgiving blessings as you complete final paper work and head back to the USA.
Stay healthy ! love and hugs oxoxxo