Sunday, November 11, 2007

PLEASE NOTE. Email info.

It has come to our attention that our remote email service using our home email address has not been reliable lately. If you have not heard back from us we probably didn't receive your note. We have learned that some of the emails we sent are also stuck in cyber space. Please resend if you think we may not have received something.

Thanks for your patience!


Jaimie, Gena and Berik said...

Thanks for the good info on the "Tree of Life" tower. I will use the info while scrapbooking for our son Berik. Our agency took us there but we didn't get that info from them. Is there another Berik there at the baby house. The people adopting Autigan posted a pic of him and I was wanting to know if his real name was Berik or Berikbol? I wanted some history on that name to also put in my scrapbook. Quinn does look bigger and so very happy. Thanks, Gena Lloyd

aunty said...

Happy birthday, Dan. I have a mink hat to make you feel at home.
Izzydesign is co-sponsoring CG fireworks. You are my newest veterans after visiting Babyhouse on that holiday. Quinn looks Semper Paratus---. Thanks. Aunty