Friday, November 9, 2007

It may be cold outside but it's warm and cuddly inside with Quinn

Quinn is on the mend and was active and happy today. Dan and he passed some time playing an intriguing spaceship game starring Captain Quinn and Sputnik Dad. Here are some great closeups of our little Quinn Tamerlane.

What a difference a day makes! Photos taken on two consecutive days. It is freezing here and the furs are coming out of the closets! EVERYONE has a fur. Fur hats, fur scarves, fur coats, leather coats lined with fur. All kinds of fur: mink, fox, shorn sheep (very soft). The furry ladies represent our Team Astana, the adoption experts.


Mo said...

Beautiful closeups of Quinn! Those sweet cheeks were just made for kisses.

So thrilled for the three of you!


Michelle said...

More great pictures. Quinn is so cute.
Also love the view of winter in Astana, as long as you are staying warm. And I notice that fashion does not stop in winter...I am still amazed they can walk in those spikes even in the snow and ice. Take care.

Rae said...

Mr. and Mrs. West he is absolutely adorable!!! You look like such a happy family....can't wait to actually see him..Glad to hear that all is going so well! It won't be long now and you will be able to grab him up and bring him on home!
Love & Congratulations,

mommie said...

Derest Kerry and Dan:
The setting in Astana is beginning to look like Dr. Zhivago. Playing with Dad Sputnik in the warm playroom must be a treat for Quinn. The food must be hearty....have you 2 gained as much as Quinn? Each day the pics show more rosy cheeks, smiles, beefy biceps(not referring to Dan)
I bet Quinn will be able to run around in the middle of winter in just a T-Shirt.
You 3 appear to be doing very well and we are grateful for that.
mom and dad