Friday, November 9, 2007

Saturday morning.....burrr!

It is colder than yesterday this Saturday morning on the Western end of Siberia. We are waiting for a taxi today as our driver and many other cars are having problems starting in the frigid temps. Quinn crawls toward his gal pal with great enthusiasm. Note the Camomile "tea"' in his bottle. This is a drink mix given to babies for colds. He loves it!

Quinn's favorite caregiver, the one who calls him Temoski. She enjoys watching our novice diaper changing techniques.
A handmade doll display at the entrance to the Babyhouse.
Dan on one of two colorful stairways in the babyhouse. Quinn's sleep group and visitation playroom are upstairs. The stairways and hallways are lined with beautiful carpets.


Sandi said...

Love the update. gosh it really looks cold, I just can't imagine. I am so happy things are going so well for you. I admit the waiting is hard but your blog and the others of families in country make the waiting so much easier. So thanks for keeping us updated.

Jaimie, Gena and Berik said...

That is Rosa! My son's favorite caregiver too!! Mine as well. Are you in the russian doll room? Quinn is simply adorable. One year ago today we were in flight to Astana to be united with our son, Berik. We have very fond memories. Thanks for sharing yours. Sincerely, Gena Lloyd or

mommie said...

Did not have a chance to see the blog for a few days and really missed not seeing the 3 of you.
How nice to see comforting touches of color, cleanliness and coziness within the baby house.
Quinn just continues to zip around with his pals. Do you think Dan is his first male bonding experience? (Who wouldn't bond with Dan?)
Take care.
mom and dad