Monday, November 5, 2007

Kerry and Dan had an awesome visit with Quinn T today. Quinn was a really fun and an active little guy who demonstrated balance and flexibility that simply amazed us and made us giggle! Quinn loves to watch birds. This rainy afternoon we are gearing up for the 9:30 a.m. Wednesday court date with some homemade chili.


Sandi said...

He looks bigger and bigger every day. Thanks for keeping us informed of how your trip is going.

Heres to hoping that court goes fine for you and that you will be on your way home before you know it.

The weather doesn't appear to be as cold as I expected by this time of year. THat is a good sign :)

Love the pictures of you guys.


mommie said...

You went to the circus Saturday.
Quinn must have sensed this during your Sunday visit as he showed off some aroebic poses. Each picture/comment continues a steady progression of familiarity, fun and achievement for Quinn, Kerry and Dan.
The first hint of cold is headed our way but it is cozy in Dad's studio and the farmhouse.
mom and dad

Unknown said...

A big hello to Kerry and Dan, as well as all who visit this blog that I might know. Thanks for getting in touch and sharing this exciting information. I'll be keeping tabs! Quinn looks great, as do you both. Good luck with the beaurocracy. Enjoy Quinn! I love 8 month old kids. What a wonderful time to bring him into your warm family.

MI cousins said...

We will be thinking of you on your court date. This could be the official "gotcha day"; as important as Quinn's birthday.

Wind gusts of up to 50 mph predicted for this evening, glad we are home in front of the fire.

Quinn looks ready for the trans Atlantic flight and we're ready to welcome him home ! xoxoxo

aunty said...

chuspais on the menu today: snow flurries. bear cub sighted in Hastings! Quinn looks beautiful and anxious to move outta there. He and his parents are our joy. ZIVIO, lovebirds. aunty

carla said...

Hi Dan and Kerry and Quinn, Quinn likes to watch birds. He will love his new house with all the windows to watch birds in the ravine (and naughty neighbor boys). The big hawk flies over your house a lot! Quinn just looks so healthy and well-rounded. Thinking of you! Steve, Carla and Kids

arowe said...

We can't believe it. while we are all snug in our beds tonight, the two of you will be in front of standing in front of a judge adopting your son. We are sending you powerful thoughts, wishes and energy from Louisiana.

Unknown said...

We will all be checking back first thing in the morning and will be trying to sleep with our fingers crossed.

Sofia, Stephen M., Maryrose and Stephen.

Emily said...

Hi New Parents,
We love seeing all the latest pictures of Quinn and think he's a keeper - in other words, the cutest baby on Google Earth!
Blessings from Emily & Bob