Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Judge rules in our favor! One step closer.

We were able to squeak in a visit with Quinn this afternoon during the 2-4:00 slot. (Note his huge teeth in this photo). His caregiver said Quinn cried around 10:00 wondering where why we weren't there.
We are looking forward to Gotcha-Day which will offically be 15 days from tomorrow on November 23rd. The next 15 days is a final appeal period and then we will be given custody of Quinn Tamerlane. We will then spend about one more week in our sweet apartment with Quinn while the US Embassy prepares his documents. Once his documents are ready we will travel by plane to the US Embassy in Almaty, the largest city in KZ. The Embassy visit should take around 3 days. Then we will fly home to GRR!!!

We are outside the courthouse after the positive ruling.

We are in the court room with a representative from the Department of Education who spoke on our behalf.


Unknown said...


mommie said...

There is an old KZ saying:
"If child has huge teeth, parents will have easy time at court hearing".
Dearest Children:
Everyone at the Bear Lake Library saw what happened today.
We are so happy for the 3 of you and all of us.
mom and dad

mommie said...

The picture of you both dressed up resembles how one looks when applying for a job.
By golly, you did apply for a job, the job of parenthood.
Welcome to the Club.
Its members both young and old can't wait to hear about your adventures as you and Quinn captured each others heart.
love mom and dad

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

The dressed up picture and smiles but seriousness on everyone's faces (except QT's - get it "cutey") reminds me of the formal-turn-of-the-last-century-coming-to-america photos that are circulating around our family. I think that is the appropriate posture for today's news.

Anonymous said...

You guys all look so happy! A happy family!! Congrats and we can't wait to see you!

Schwallie said...

The looks on your faces in the photo outside the courthouse brought tears to my eyes. There is nothing I could possibly say to express how happy I am for the 3 of you. Thanks for letting me share your special day. You guys rock.

"Sue" Schwallie

Klose2u said...

Hooray! and you both clean up so nice!

Klose2u said...
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Susan said...

Congrats-that is awesome news! You must be on cloud nine!!! :)

Al said...

Oh happy day!
What is he going to call you?
Mom and Dad? Mommie and Daddie?
K and D?
Doesn't matter, as long as he calls!!
I love seeing this unfold. Thanks for sharing.
Much love,
Kelly Wood

Michelle said...

Congratulations! You guys look great...we love the family picture.
Thinking of you as you wait the 15 days. Love,
Brook, Michelle & Spencer

Sandi said...

Kerry and Dan,
What wonderful news. Congratulations, may the next 15 days fly by.



carla said...

So thankful this big day went well. Thanks for sharing this. The Groenenboom Clan

Monica said...

CONGRATS and best wishes for everything else to go by quickly! Quinn's a cutie and I love his name. I also have a son named Quinn!

aunty said...

Joy to the World. Fala Bogu. Now, we have another bird watcher in the family, plus an Aquarias.

sretan put, my lovebirds. Aunty

Sheri said...

Hi Family!

So glad about your court date! Many steps closer.
Furs, huh! You gonna wear fur things now?
Stay warm with your "cozy" little family!
We're soooo happy for you all!
Love, Chuck & Sheri