Saturday, November 3, 2007

Kerry fed Quinn for the first time today. Officially known as Temerlan at the Babyhouse, he is also addressed as: Timo, Tima, Temosha and our favorite: Temoski. The caregivers use these nicknames when they are trying to keep him focused on eating huge amounts of semolina. He almost ate this entire bowl.

After feeding him and cleaning him, including a fresh diaper, Quinn hung out and watched the 4 other families in the playroom, (Saturday is a busy day for visits). Later, we dressed him and took him outside for a stroll.


mommie said...

Dear Temoski, Kerry and Dan:
Your Christmas cactus is beginning to have some buds.
Another sunny, 50's, November 3, outdoors is not that much different from when you left 3 weeks ago.
No wonder Temo is growing, look at the amount of that semolina, he's downing. Can't wait to feed him some soup and knedles.
4 families in the playroom helps heat the room too.
mother barb and pops karl

Klose2u said...

Hello from Portage - we loved the food picture! What a face. We had cabbage rolls here after blowing the leaves across the street.

Hugs to all of you
Becky, Iny, Marah and everyone else

MI cousins said...

Juliana wasn't so sure she would eat that semolina!Fall has arrived and snow is predicted mid week. UM beat MSU in the last 5 minutes;it was heartbreaker at our house.Don't forget to set your clocks back one hour!

We are in love already with our new cousin.Hugs to all of you, xooxxo

Unknown said...

I bet that Semolina goes great with lamb.