Monday, November 19, 2007

Hi everyone! Just a few more days until Quinn comes home to live in our apartment. Quinn was a joyful and active baby today. As you may recall, Quinn sticks his tongue out when he's happily concentrating on a task.

While taking a break from his many crawling adventures today, Quinn stood up on his own. His technique involves getting from kneeling postion to the yoga-like move called "downward dog" , lifting himself from there. By the end of the session he was trying to use each leg individually to hoist himself up.


nat and tom said...

Hi Ker and Dan-

Awesome pics as always! You all look so happy. When does Quinny come home to the apt.? We can't wait to see you again.

Love, Nat and Tom

mommie said...

Monday Nov. 19, 5pm,at the 2006 Red Oak stove there is a huge pot of soup, mashed potatoes, beets/onions roasting in balsamic vinegar, and outside 2 plump sassy chickens on the rotissere and a rosemary infested pork loin on the grill, just waiting for Alissa to arrive from work and their friends Bosco's. With Abita Beer in hand we toast the 3 of you, especially Quinn's pilates showmanship.
Your continuing attention to your blog is greatly appreciated, we all have thouroughly enjoy seeing Kerry and Dan hang out with Quinn.
It is 80 degrees here.
Miss you
love mom and dad
adam and alissa

Klose2u said...

Love that tounge!

Sandi said...

He is so cute. Congrats to the fact that your almost home. Yeah, what a great THanksgiving.

safe travels

aunty said...

Mae and Quinn sittin' in a tree, k
i s s i n g. ZIVIO Aunty