Sunday, November 11, 2007

Saturday's visit with Quinn

Today is Sunday and we were not able to visit Quinn. We just feel in a funk.
All photos below were taken on Saturday. Our small group is walking from the Babyhouse to the road to catch a cab. It was a rare day that our driver was not available. To Dan's delight we were dropped off in a Russian Lada cab, circa 1985. They are especially built for tundra temps and conditions.

The Babyhouse is near a busy road. We were waiting for a cab while others waited for the bus.

Once in the Babyhouse we scooped up Quinn for some fun and games. Here, Dan and Quinn look like they are up to no good. What kind of crazy stories is Quinn hearing from Papa?

Quinn's towel rack in his group's washroom. It says Temerlan in Cyrillic/Russian.

It takes two of us to change Quinn's clothes. Dan is putting on Quinn's socks over his tights, then his pj's over all of that!! That is the KZ way of prepping for a nap.

Saturday there were 6 families visiting babies. It was a packed house. Quinn did remarkably well despite the chaos.


Susan said...

Ya'll have the best pictures!! Didn't you say it was super hot in the baby house? yet, quinn still naps in like tons of layers? That does seem hard to get used to. I love the pics of the furs and embroidery and things. But of course, love the pics of Quinn the best. :)

mommie said...

Parent Day with 6 families in the playhouse needed a "Kindergarten Cop". Are all of them from USA?
So interesting to see the contrast of indoor "sweaty " shots versus the frigid outdoor snow crunching cold.
Mighty amazing.
Does Quinn recognize his name in Cyrillic?
mom and dad

Michelle said...

Hello from GR
We are catching up on your blog. Brook is pretty jealous of your ride in the Lada, was it a sedan or 4x4? Glad to hear your were still able to get to your visit with the
Love the babyhouse pictures too fun to see everything again.
Take Care,
The Burgs
PS have you tried the Birch Juice yet?